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.Direct heating work piece increase the efficiency and heating rate reduced the oxidation level of surface of the forged metal.
.No air and heat pollution without burning coal and fuel.
.Power output can be adjusted continuously that control the best forged metal temperature and keep the best output and quality .
.One main machine equipped with different heating coil, when heating different metal and size or heating coil need to be repair it will not affect the output and quality.
.Good mobility : with higher heating speed so it take less time from power on the furnace to forging process.
Non-contact SCR switch
DC power supply is controlled by fast response non-contact SCR switch. Power supply with extraordinary condition will be immediately cutoff in 8.3ms.

Intelligent power automatic control
.Automatically correcting input power according to charge material condition.
.that offers the system higher overall efficiency.

Redundant breakers and protections
1 Fast response circuit breaker of main equipment.
2 ON-OFFpower supply without spark normally.
3 High speed system cutoff as over current and low voltage appear.

Multiple monitoring system for protection
.Stepless control of electric power limit.
.Power current monitoring and power up-limit setting.
.Voltage, current or TOT exceeds the preset value, the power supply will be cut off automatically by SCR switch.
.There are 18 signal indicators on control panel and each PC board also has its different signal indicator on board to show running condition of the equipment. So, it is easy to carry out troubleshooting even an unprofessional person.

Power output of heating equipment Frequency Size of raw material heated
300kW~1000kW 500Hz~3kHz ø25~ø160
35kW~300kW 6Hz~8kHz ø18~ø35
Frequency Range 
( Hz )
Power Output 
( kW )
Power Input 
( kVA)
4k~6k 75 85 16~20 25~150  1.6
4k-5k 100 115 20-45 25-150 2.3
3k-5k 150 175 20~45 25~150 2.3
2.5k-3.5k 200 230 25~50 25~250 2.5-2.7
3k-4k 250 280 25~50 25~250 2.5-2.7
2k-3k 300 350 35~80 35~300 2.7-2.9
2K-3k 350 400 45~80 35~350 2.7-3.1
1k~2k 400 450 45~80 35~400 2.9-3.3
500~2k 500 580 50~100 50~500 2.9-3.3 
500~1k 600 680 80~100 80~500 2.9-3.3
500~1k 750 865 80~100 80~500 2.9-3.3
500~1k 1000 1150 80~100 80~500 2.9-3.3
1 Heating temperature︰1200 ℃ surface and central temperature︰100 ℃ error:±5%
2 Input power 3ø 50/60Hz 380/415/440/575VAC
3 The supply of main equipment and related accessory is completely depended upon the contract signed with the customer. Cheng Kai Mechatronic Co. keep the right of improving our product design specification
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